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unfinished nation

England's first colonization experiences took place in 1492
Preserved 17th century English colonial settlements England's political and social institutions
The "Famine" at Jamestown in the Winter of 1609-1610 It was in part the result of settlers being barricaded in their palisade by native Indians.
The origins of most human existence in North America began From the southern tip of South America
In the Great Plains region, most pre-Columbian societies Buffalo hunted for survival.
In the early seventeenth century, the discontent of the English Puritans was compounded by Oppression of English Catholics
Which statement about French colonization in the New World is FALSE? The French, like the English, tried to keep themselves separate from the natives.
Some historians have suggested that many native tribes were virtually wiped out by European diseases. Real
Who was a native of Genoa sailing in the service of England in the late 15th century? John Cabot
English colonies in the Chesapeake were primarily commercial ventures Real
Bacon's Rebellion was carried out to abolish slavery in Virginia. INCORRECT
The "middle ground" refers in part to areas on the western fringes of English colonial settlements Real
Most indentured workers came to the colonies voluntarily. Real
In the early 17th century, the legal status of slaves was ambiguous and fluid. Real
African slaves were engaged in rice cultivation, but they were not very skilled at it. INCORRECT
The British Navigation Acts were designed to protect England from foreign competition in the colonies. Real
French Protestants who fled their country in 1685 because of a new policy rejecting religious toleration Huguenots
Backyard pits where household and human waste can be dumped start
To reduce conflict, Spanish policy towards the Pueblo Indians in the 18th century included all of the following EXCEPTIONS An extension of the Encomienda system
As time went on in the 17th century, increasing numbers of New England Puritans came to view Indian society. With fear and contempt
This made industrialization difficult in colonial America. English parliamentary rules, a small internal market, an inadequate labor supply and an inadequate transport network
17th century southern plantations Tends to be thick and relatively small
In London, the original promoters of Jamestown encouraged settlers to focus on it. The quest for gold.
The Explanatory Act of 1766 It was a sweeping assertion of Parliament's authority over the colonies.
American Colonial Assemblies in the 1750s It exercised a significant level of power to collect taxes.
Political representation for colonists in Virginia until 1670 has become more restrictive
The 17th Century Tobacco Industry in the Chesapeake Region It has gone through several boom and bust cycles.
an order was The right to claim the tribe and work of the natives.
Which of the following statements about Sir William Berkeley is FALSE? He expanded political representation for frontier settlers.
One of the reasons Roger Williams was deported from the colony of Massachusetts was because of him He said that the lands occupied by the settlers belonged to the Indians.
The Virginia Company developed the "headright" system for this Attract new settlers to the colony.
In the mid-17th century, Puritan clergymen in New England began to preach against the decline pity
"Jeremiah" refers to sermons
During the 17th century, English settlers looked to the Chesapeake A life expectancy for men of about forty years.
Royal Officials in America During the First Half of the 18th Century Contributed to England's general lax control of the colonies
English Quakers in the 17th Century They disregarded class or gender differences, had no salaried clergy, were pacifists, believed that everyone could achieve salvation.
Under the English Constitution in the 18th century Large parts of England lacked direct political representation.
The agricultural practices of pre-Columbian tribes in the Northeast were shaped by A quick exploration of the country
In the eighteenth century, the English constitution an unwritten document
During the first phase (1754-1756) of the French and Indian War The Iroquois allied with the English but remained largely passive.
Like New York, the colony of New Jersey It had great ethnic and religious diversity.
The English Restoration began with the reign of Charles II.
William Penn He was a man of great wealth who converted to Quakerism.
In accordance with the provisions of the Treaty of Paris of 1763 France ceded all of its land claims west of the Mississippi to Spain.
Religious Tolerance in the American Colonies in the 18th Century All answers are correct.
The French and Indian War was fought India, West Indies, North America, Europe
Class divisions in North American colonial cities More real and visible than in rural areas outside the South
Which European was the first to see the Pacific Ocean in 1513? Vasco de Balboa
As a result of the Seven Years' War in North America, England It confirmed its commercial supremacy and increased its political control over colonized regions.
The 17th century medical practice of intentionally bleeding a person was based on this the belief that a person must maintain a balance of different bodily fluids.
Which statement about Spanish settlements in the New World is FALSE? The first Spanish settlers were primarily interested in agriculture.
After King George's War Relations between the English, French and Iroquois deteriorated.
All of the following are features of the English bookkeeping system EXCEPT Most contract servants received land upon completion of their contracts.
Charismatic person who angered Massachusetts Bay Colony leaders by arguing that clergy who were not among the "chosen" were not entitled to ministerial offices Anne Hutchinson

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